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A Short Story Contest Entry: Outside, in the Network, the Revolution is Raging

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I look at my daughter Beatrice while she cuddles in my arms and I think of when she will finally be grow - when she will finally live well - she will remember her previous life, the lack of a room of her own, when she was sleeping just in the bed between dad and mom , the holidays spent at home due to the lack of money, the absences of her father and her mother because of the necessary work.

I look at my daughter and I wonder if one day - when she will have all the well-being that a woman might want - she will remember the humily life we all had, when we had only the necessary to live, she will remember the simplicity of life without frills, without objects useless and expensive.

I grew up between my parents' bank account always in red and my bank account always empty. I became grow by giving up dinners with friends, superfluous holidays, useless expenses. And now, almost fifty years and after a half-life quiet, with a beautifull child of almost four years that fills my days with joy (and empty my nights sleep), I find myself - almost by chance - overfloued by a new digital revolution.

I'm a computer tecnichian by profession. Up until three years ago I was dealing with the dematerialization of administrative documents. Last two year I took care of the virtualization of several servers of the company I work for. This year, instead, I deal with "volatilization of coins", not at work but at home, every night. "Volatilization of coins", like I like call it, but it is the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Always passionate at information technology, I soon learned the varied and multicolored universe of cryptocurrencies, more or less strong, more or less useful, more or less fast in transactions, more or less shouted online, in social networks, in blogs and in forums.

But if as an informatics the subject has always fascinated me, as an investor, on the other hand, I have always been a self-assured babbler with large - albeit rare - economic losses.

Until today.

Today I find myself at the crossroads of the success of a cryptocurrencie, in particular the XRP, which is strong, powerful, fast and cheap, elected by an equally great company made of competent and passionate people, and supported by a community of passionate fans and euphoric supporters, which seems to me simply pure science fiction.

It seems incredible what I saw and what I read in all the nigths of last seven months. But what is even more absurd is that I decided to secretly invest all my savings in a project (the XRP) that the more I know and the more it becomes as big as the world, international and branched out as the internet.

I look at my wife Nico and I feel proud. I look at myself and my wonderful daughter and I'm happy. I look at the XRP project for which I decided to commit myself financially, and I realize that life will be even more beautiful, without more economic problems.

Finally I fall asleep peacefully while outside - in the network or samewhere in the World - the revolution is raging.

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