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Short Story Contest Entry - “Please send me 1 XRP, and I’ll give you at least 6 back, I promise!”

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Hey everyone, just thought I’d post my short story entry. As you can probably see, I am a new poster to XRP chat but have been following, buying and researching XRP since about mid 2017. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible amount of community members who have helped me brave the steep cryptocurrency learning curve. Without the contributions of XRPTrump, Hodor, Tiffany Hayden, David Schwartz and countless others, I would no doubt have been turned away from XRP and what I now believe to be one of the most exciting technological advances happening in my lifetime. Thank you all! It’s a little presumptuous and I don’t expect to submit the best story but as per the competition my wallet address is rLGr8TLrscHNKye3xpk5MjWUhHqb1wtHxK and as far as I’m aware, there is no destination tag.  Wishing you all the best of luck and if you like the story I’d be chuffed with a vote!



The following is my short story entry. It covers a fictional account of a down on his luck conman struggling to make ends meet as the improved technology XRP becomes the standard method of value transfer. Perhaps even he can change?



Short Story Contest Entry - “Please send me 1 XRP, and I’ll give you at least 6 back, I promise!”



Jerry was not your average conman. Or at least, that’s how he viewed himself. Who else could have invented the ‘genius’ ETH give-away scam? Who else could have raised a 1 million dollar ICO funding round for the revolutionary ‘Cow Coin’, a way for technologically savvy farmers to trade milk on the blockchain? Jerry was amazing. At night, he would sit down with a glass of wine and 51% attack proof of work blockchains who’s names he found amusing. Those were the best days of his life, he chuckled heartily.


Of course, Jerry’s schemes became more and more impressive. His pudgy, food stained fingers clicked over his keyboard, and low and behold, he found security vulnerabilities in the Ethereum smart contracts. Well, he murmured through a mouthful of chocolate biscuit, that’s what happens when you build your smart contracts as an on chain solution, he laughed to himself.


But if he was being totally honest with himself, a trait not commonly found amongst conmen, Jerry was struggling to make ends meet. In recent years, many of his financial trickeries were just not getting the results he was used to. When Elon Musk started doing ETH giveaways, Jerry conceded that old scheme probably wasn’t going to bear fruit any longer.


In fact, none of Jerry’s schemes were working out. Ever since the launch of Codius, no one had need for a hackable smart contract platform. And of course, if he hadn’t been out getting the milk from his local shop, he would have been able to sell all his CowCoin holdings before the news broke that there was an outbreak of mad cow disease, a fact that led his coin to lose 98% of its value in just under 2 hours. While he assured all of the investors that the value of the coin ‘definitely would recover’, he was not so convinced.


“What did I do to deserve this?” he thought to himself. He remembered back to the heady days of 2017 where people would actually pay him money to transfer value overseas through the correspondent banking system. Those stupid people didn’t realise that it was actually quicker and more cost effective to fly £50,000 from America to Mexico by taking it with them rather than using his services. Well there’s only one person to blame for shattering that myth, he thought angrily, shaking his fist at the monument of Brad Garlinghouse in the rain outside.


What Jerry needed, was a new con. The best con he’d ever come up with in fact. A con for a new world. But even he was beginning to admit to himself that might be easier said than done. Now that everyone was responsible for their own value transfer in under 4 seconds, it was hard to squeeze himself into the situation. The irony was, he supposed, that it took about 50 times longer to try and con someone into using him to help with a transaction that the transaction itself took to complete.


“I suppose I could tell everyone that XRP is centralised” he thought to himself. That might lead to people going back to slower methods of payment. But ever since the Yanomani tribe of the Amazon rainforest got added to the recommended Unique Node List for running a well managed validator, it was a claim that was convincing less and less people, he sighed. Maybe he could make an XRP fork called XXXXXRRRRRRPPPPPPP that paid 1% interest every day to the investors. It might work, he guessed, but something in the back of his mind told him that the idea might not be his own and might be beneath him.


It was time to face facts. Jerry needed a job. A quick online search on his iPhone 134S+ (limited addition black with crystal engraving - he’d have you know) yielded some possibilities. The micropayments company Coil were looking for a general manager for West Scunthorpe. Wow, he nodded admirably, if you need to split Scunthorpe into two, you are probably running a successful micropayments business, he mused. Omni, the rent based system for physical items, were looking for an engineer to integrate the newest Ripple product, XPool, into their business. While Jerry admitted that this was a good job, given he had always preferred to steal furniture rather than rent it, he didn’t feel this really aligned with his values.


However, one particular listing caught his eye, a ‘young entrepreneur’ named Johnathan McAfee was looking for an engineering team to help him improve ‘the most secure wallet ever’. A quick Google search convinced Jerry that this guy was definitely legitimate and could be his ticket to proper employment and a fresh start. The job application had a few strange questions about whether he had ever been involved with the Belize Police Department but Jerry passed this off as most likely being a result of the high level of innovation, security and forward thinking in the company. After the fiasco of 2019 when Belize became the only country in the world to consider XRP a security, Jerry figured it was best to communicate with regulators first rather than the courts and police, as Ripple had failed to do in Belize. He congratulated himself on having such a forward thinking idea and wondered why others failed to do the same.


Things had changed a lot since then, he mused. The world economy was booming, as everyone now had access to banking and financial services. The instantaneous movement of money had led to an explosion in remittance growth and global trade, bringing wealth to some of the most deprived areas of the globe. No longer was money centrally printed, and every citizen had the autonomy they needed to create wealth and a better standard of life. Had he not been reading these thoughts off the newspaper in front of him, he would have sounded quite impressive, he concluded. In case he was ever invited to a dinner party in the future, he would store the facts away. Things were looking up for Jerry. In fact a new idea had just entered Jerry’s mind:


“Please send me 1 XRP, and I’ll give you at least 6 back, I promise!”

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