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Coinbase Says It Was Wrong About SEC Approval of Acquisitions


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Coinbase said a day ago that the SEC gave the go-ahead for Coinbase to deal in securities by acquiring securites trading platforms, but a day later it seems it was a false alarm. The following articles explains in more details, but be aware that the title of this thread, the same title as the article, is misleading. They didn't get approval from the SEC because the SEC's approval for Coinbase's acquistion of securities trading platforms wasn't required:



Coinbase Inc., which on Monday said it got the green light from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to move forward with a trio of acquisitions, now says it never got such an endorsement.

Nor did it need it.


There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there as to why Coinbase won't consider listing XRP. I'm posting the following video that relates to the above article concerning the SEC, as something you guys might enjoy or even agree with, but only time will tell if there is weight to the theory provided in the video below. Personally, I don't agree with the following video and think Coinbase will list XRP eventually because Coinbase likes to list popular forks, and has considered listing XLM.  I think XLM will get listed on Coinbase before XRP unlike all other coins and related fork listings on Coinbase in which the original coin listing precedes the listing of any of its forks, but in the case of XLM, I think it'll get listed first because of the uncertainty of XRP's security status even if Coinbase is ready to deal in securities, because Coinbase has already provided a list of candidates they would consider listing next among which XLM would be one of the coins considered:


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