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It's that old and tired legacy thinking.  The dollar will be the world's reserve currency forever.  Not true.  We're moving into a different era, and quickly.  Especially now that Trump is ostracizing many parts of the world.  And when the dollar starts weaking then what IBM? 

Nevertheless they have their foot in the door, and I'm sure certain corporates may prefer to use their model on the assumption that a dollar monopoly is "better".  Even certain banks.  Just not the ones in SE Asia, China, Russia, India, and certain countries in South and Central America, and mobile payments Africa. 


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27 minutes ago, Snoopy said:

I'm sure you could get a different one for yourself for every day of the week once XRP moons ;) 

Already have the hulk submariner, once xrp moons it will be a Patek 

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