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Short Story Contest Entry: Dreaming

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The whole story is true. Forgive my english if there is something spelled wrong.

Story tells about how you can find opportunities by dreaming.

I want to begin with my age. I'm 17. You everyone know how new things are coming on way so fast as teenager. 
You need to start thinking about your future, work, how to come along and so on.
This thinking led to me think, how i can achieve easy future for myself. In other words, how can i be rich.
In Finland, its not work what makes you rich, unless you have very new and good business idea.
Maybe investing? Maybe yes, but i didn't know how to invest.

I found about bitcoin in 2016. Back in the day i didn't think about buying it, i only saw the mining as good option.
On my hardware it wasn't worth to mine, so i forgot the whole bitcoin thing.

In 2017 i found XRP and other assets with my friends when we were talking about bitcoin mining.
We tought XRP is some sort of joke because of its price. "lol look at XRP's price. Should i buy few hundred of them for just to
see if it goes upwards"...."i dont know man, that thing feels joke"
XRP's price was then about 20 cents (euro).
After January's peak, my friend told me that i could have made good portion of money.
I didn't care, but it made me to start digging this cryptospace more.

I remember watching videos about crypto millionaires. One of them was even teenager!
Then the idea hit me. Can some of these cryptocurrencies make me rich?
In this year february i started to read about these different coins use-cases, potentials and so on.
1 month reading and thinking, i found that XRP is the very best of them all.

Luckily i have good tech and internet knowledge and interest, so it was easy to get started.
Made my first buy in march.
Started to save money, do work and sell some moped parts that i don't need.
Even reduced weekend parties to just save money for XRP.
Friends always thinks why i don't buy new phone because its from 2014. "I don't need new one, i can use this because this still works"
I even have gotten nickname from them, "poor (my name)". Hopefully i can show them after few years why i have been strict about my money use. :Laie_16:
I haven't told anyone about my investment, except parents. They luckily understands how good opportunity this is.

On these last months, my coincidence have gone even more up. Things what Ripple is doing to grow XRP ecosystem and internet of value, partnerships, things what we may don't even know, community keeping together... I'm so excited of this to work out.
I cant use alot of money on XRP, but i use what i can afford. I'm not happy about my stack yet. Luckily i found this contest from @Hodor's new blog. Thanks to contest and its host @XRPeteSampras :)
Hope we all can have great time and share the fun with our loved ones in few years. :heart:

Have a nice day and good luck to other entries!

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