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SBIVC starting acceptance of new account opening


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finally ....arrival.     3...2...1.     lol


and yes I read the same. Registration is open, everyone here knows confirmation will take time. Hopefully they have a big team working on it. Time for popcorn, lets see what this thing does.


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1 minute ago, fastfalcon94 said:

In the twitter comments someone said registration involves confirmation by registered mail, so it could be a few days before new accounts start buying/trading. 

Didn't it take some time for the original 20,000. Something about getting passwords sent out. Not expecting much immediately. Good to hear it's coming though

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Those legally residing in Japan (as of now?).  


It's not a surprise and was known.  Hopefully this changes, but Japan is very careful. Secondly, providing support for people who don't speak Japanese is probably a huge challenge.

If you are an American citizen or reside in U.S. for more than 182 days you have to click a confirmation button for tax purposes (avoid tax evasion).

If you are are Politically Exposed Person, you also have to provide consent. 

Overall should be interesting and can't wait to see it's functions. 

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1 hour ago, RDS said:

Why only for Japanese residents...?


and also...


Applications for establishing accounts from corporate customers are not currently accepted.

For now we might not see a lot of cross-border flow through XRP. When the 'corporates' (i.e. market makers) from countries outside Japan are allowed to play, we might expect to see more XRP cross-border flow to begin. When this happens, should we start to see XRP volume increase relative to other DA's?




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1 hour ago, RandyMarsh said:

This is my first post so I would like to make it a good one.  Why can you not open an account if you are over 70 ?? 

Also - great news!  

Probably to prevent fraud from children or grandchildren taking advantage of at-risk seniors financially since Japan has such an old population. Can't think of another reason off the top of my head.

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