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Advice needed - Restoring a Rippex wallet


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I've been using Rippex desktop client to store my XRP for a while now. I'd like to know what's the single most important thing I should backup and store safely (offline) in case my laptop crashes and I am unable to restore my SSD. I've saved the wallet file and when I go to the settings menu, I've saved the secret key and public key. Is the secret key enough to restore a wallet from scratch.. on a new PC? 

I have a Ledger Nano S and will be putting some in there as well.

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JagOman is correct.  The one, the only thing,  you need to safeguard your Zerps is the secret key.  

Walkets can be recreated, and your public address flows from the secret key...   the secret key is all.  So if anyone gets it they own your Zerps.  

People get confused and think their Zerps are on their nano or in their wallet file or on their phone in Toastwallet or whatever....

but really all those things are just tools that use your secret key to transact on the location in the XRPLedger that the secret key controls.

Write down your secret key (modified in some way that only you know and can remember) and keep that safe.  You can then destroy everything else and your Zerps are still safe n sound.  

Only thing then is work out how to make it inheritable if you kark it.  :) 

Thats the answer...  the single only thing you need is the secret key.  All else is secondary.  

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23 minutes ago, mrxrp said:

Thanks for the response. For the Rippex desktop software, it's the secret key. And for the Ledger Nano it's the 24 word seed?

Your welcome.  Yeah the ledger nano builds the secret key inside its secure chip from the seed.

The difference between recording a secret key for posterity and recording a seed is that you need a bit of hardware or software to take the seed and turn it into something useful...  the secret key.  

Whereas the secret key is directly useful.  It’s a minor point really.  Just don’t loose it and don’t let a camera near it and keep it safe.  Also best if the recorded string of words or characters is also modified or encrypted. 

In other words someone ‘finding’ your key doesn’t have anything useful.  But you and your descendants will be able to unmodify it back to useful.  

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