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Issue Sending Cross-Currency Payment

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**Updated** please ignore - see reply below


Greetings! I've been doing some extensive integration testing against the ripple test net the last few days and have successfully conducted all my tests except one dealing with cross-currency payments. If anyone had any insight as to what the issue is, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can follow along by connecting to the testnet ledger (via websockets: wss://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51233 or http/json-rpc: https://s.altnet.rippletest.net:51234), an inspect these accounts:


 - rHDnw4aEipwp6PweJDDzouNhPisgAd8d72 : the issuer of multiple test currencies ('FOO' and 'BAR') - nicknamed issuer

- rhaBuBWnVPSDcztLT3bQSRgRWc1HusZWii : extended a trust line to issuer for 50 units of 'BAR' - nicknamed client1

- rLLqUjDSMaA8ijgNhpwfwnuxsc2VkyZUCK : extended a trust line to issuer for 50 units of 'FOO' - nicknamed client2

- rpQaiJGdqPoDACoAfqqbTTAmDZK3pCxvHV extended trust lines to issuer for 50 units of 'FOO' and 50 units of 'BAR' - nicknamed trader


Before proceeding we should note issuer had previously set the 'rippling' flag on their account, and when the trust lines were extended the 'rippling' feature was enabled on each of them (so if I understand correctly rippling should be fully enabled in this scenario and not an issue).

At the onset issuer send a payment of 10 'FOO" to client2 and send a payment of 10 'BAR' to trader. trader then created an offer where the taker would get 1.25 'BAR' (issued by issuer) in exchange for  paying 0.25 'FOO' (issued by issuer).

Finally to wrap up this expirement, we attempt to send 1 'BAR' to client1 from client2 specifying a 'SendMax' of 1 'FOO' (this was attempted with and without a 'DeliverMin' value). The problem is the payment fails with tecPATH_DRY as confirmed by a path lookup which is returning no paths.


So my question is why is this failing? I was under the assumption the rippling feature would see that client2's 'FOO' could be exchanged into 'BAR' via trader's offer which would then be sent to client1. Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance for any help


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I apologize, I just issued the successful cross-currency transaction and this is a non-issue. I made a mistake in my payment client specifying the wrong parameters to the getPaths method. Once I specified the correct parameters the payment went through.

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