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Watch vs Worry

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At this moment, it's another day in your life. What's up? 

Since you are visiting xrpchat.com you most likely are holding xrp, and/or other crypto. The value of said holdings are subject to the current price and how the rise and fall may affect your life. 

My question may not be simple as it requires you to determine not just the  usd or eur value of your holdings but also the value of that value. 

I'll explain a little more before I ask. Let's say you have 100 xrp. That's about $50. However, let's say you have 100,000 xrp. That's about $50,000. To some people those sums of money are a lot. And to some people it is not. So, each person must decide for themselves. 

Now comes the question, when you visit a market tracking site or check the prices or seek out news and information, are you watching what's happening or worrying what's happening? 

And as I'm asking, I'll answer for my situation.

I am invested and watching. I've no reason to worry about any potential loses. I've passed on some niceties in the past year but dollar for dollar, none would have been nearly as amusing or interesting as watching the crypto-verse

I've passed on movies, not bought new gadgets, skipped a few day trips, not ordered another round. The whole experience has cost me less than more Avengers movies, a new cellphone and desktop that does the same things as my current ones do, a rainy camping trip or shopping spree, and the Sunday hangovers. 

The way I see it, the evolution, debate, fluctuations, happiness and joy all happening in crypto is worth every penny I may loose.

So, now I wait and watch. 

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