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Get Notified of changes to your XRP balance - https://xrpbalance.info


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So, it's my turn to contribute to the XRP community.

I have created a site (https://xrpbalance.info) that sends you email notifications whenever your XRP account sends or receives a payment transaction. It is pretty straightforward and is a simple implementation of Rippled's subscribe method.

As this is a free service (I'm paying for the cost of servers and the emails. Yes, Amazon SES charges for sending emails!), I would humbly request all to refrain from adding the exchanges' XRP accounts because:

  1. their accounts have too many transactions happening at any given time; you will get flooded with email!
  2. I don't think the exchanges' accounts matters much to you

Please let me know of any feature requests that you guys might have. I will try to incorporate them when I have the time to do so.

Note: If you are concern about privacy, instead of using your regular email address, you can create a brand new email address for this service.


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7 minutes ago, stefanosd said:

codius host gets paid like 0.003 XRP continuously 

Then i guess it isn't really useful for them; an end-of-day balance statement will be for appropriate for these guys.

I created this xrpbalance.info for casual users who might receive or spend XRP on their wallet, and would like near-instant notification of such activities.

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1 hour ago, patr2ck said:

It is not open source at the moment, and I have no problem putting it in a public repo. Just need some time to tidy up the codes ;)

I highly encourage you to make it open source. You could tidy it up some before uploading to a repo, but think of all the interested parties that would take care of much of that drudge work in front of you.

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@patr2ck I'll be blunt. 

If you want people to use your site, you have to be totally transparent with both your intentions and code base. Your actions will be scrutinized carefully to determine if you're providing a usable service to the community, trying to harvest high worth XRP wallets and their email addresses, or something in between.

Being an optimist, I expect you're trying to provide a usable service. Just let the community know (by open sourcing your code) that your intentions are pure.

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