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All, I wanted to share the results of a recent theory / research I've completed over the last few days. I've always wondered why Ripple has had such a focus on the Japanese market, yes they are a big

Exactly, I tracked back old disclosures and the number of Forex accounts they have is something they are tracking closely and its clear from the disclosures that they are seeking to grow the Forex bus

100% agree there is a relationship and more volume will increase price, but I don't believe we can actually look at past volume / performance and draw any price prediction, we haven't had elevated vol

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1 hour ago, TheWinkening said:


Sooooo.  Yoshitaka Kitao just re-tweeted an article about your theory  hmmmmm


"XRP capturing 1% of the Japanese Forex market would result in a $10 billion volume made in trades every day, which represents “one small piece, of one corridor, of one use case”. Comparing this against the circulating supply of the token, which is close to 20 billion, this will cause a “significant price increase”, says slin."

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Just now, slinuxuzer said:

Interesting that he tweeted the same content twice, from two different news outlets that picked up the article, maybe he tweets everything about Ripple and XRP twice?

..or perhaps he is subtly acknowledging your theory.

I'm not saying he isn't a Ripple / XRP fanboy, he's obviously deeply vested here.  My opinion is that CEOs are not stupid people nor do they do things without purpose.

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I'm mostly certain Yoshitaka's Twitter account is curated by someone other than himself. The account has made questionable retweets, picks up on every two-bit crypto news outlet, and posts content like clockwork everyday. I'm not trying to take the wind out of anyones sails, and I'm as bullish about Ripple and XRP as Kitao comes off to be, but I don't personally read too far into tweets made on the account. 

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