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Is Miguel Vias still working for Ripple?

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Come on people… seriously? It’s blatantly obvious that her account was hacked.

We should start the impeachment process and elect a new Head of community, my friends!

I've noticed that @miguel deleted all mentions of Ripple from his twitter profile and removed the "wallpaper" with the "dawn" (yeah, it is funny, but still). He also disappeared from company staff-lis

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i mean this whole sudden shift towards the xrp community and separating it from ripple the company, reemphasizing this message at every step, going into radio silence a bit on twitter etc, and even the new Head of Investor Relations / Head of Institutional Liquidity (which is it?! no mention of XRP!!) -- Catherine Coley ... whose top pinned tweet is:


A new year's resolution everyone should try to keep: Using "XRP" when discussing the digital asset for payments. Using "Ripple" when referencing the company. #StayAccuratein2018 #DoYourDigitalHomework $XRP


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1 hour ago, MemberBerry said:

He went from 0doubt to 0doughnuts to political activist on twitter....


What about Xrp's liquidity same as a G10 Country :D

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