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ILP Connector

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26 minutes ago, iPinky7 said:

where to start doing some programming to find out?

to get started

https://interledger.org/ - do the 'Try it out' and read through the specs

and for the code


On 7/3/2018 at 10:10 PM, jdimstrnate said:

Do most ILP connectors charge a fee for being an intermediary or do they run free of charge

an ILP connector receives an incoming payment package. He will try to deliver it to its destination by sending a new package to the next hop. How much and in which currency they send the next package is up to the connector. So, they can hold a little-bit for themselves if it is the same asset/currency, or keep a little margin on the trade-price if the payment switches to another asset/currency.  

The payment packages are tiny micro-payments. Sender/receiver decide on basis of some test payments and the ratio of sent/delivered amount if they continue the stream

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