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Are we back?

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8 hours ago, Blubber said:

Hard to imagine where this kind of thinking comes from.  This is a dead market - the coins will bleed out eventually and BTC will hang around

like the tired old dog it is.  This was a one-shot party.

Not actually my prediction,

It comes from my magic ?

Read above ^

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21 minutes ago, xrp_is_love_xrp_is_life said:

I mean what changed in market to make people buy now and not a week earlier? This is clearly whales manipation. They let the price to rise. Don't be fooled. 

Im not saying this is the rocket ship taking off, but last year’s launch had no rhyme or reason... not quite sure your logic is sound.

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I know most people are bullish atm and saying we're about to moon but imo we should still be cautious. The whales might be doing a fake pump to trap us again only to drop us even more. We saw months of red and now 2 weeks of green. We might in the ascending side of a descending triangle. I'm going to pay attention to the 7300-7500 region. I think we should be good if we go above 7500 but if we get rejected we might re-test the 6k region. 6k has acted as a support many times. If we break below 6k we can't rule out falling to the 4500s (I doubt this scenario will happen). However, I do think we might test the 6s again. One thing to pay attention to is btc dominance. We'll fall harder if btc drops back down. 

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1 hour ago, BecomeRich said:

We need @Chewiecoin to chime in to tell us what is really happening!! 

I wish I knew!!

IMO the market is still very volatile. There has been so much good news that when we do see a speculative bull run soon then XRP will benefit from it substantially. Speculation will be driven by BTC in the short term. 

We ultimately need utility demand to drive price, which is coming. Hopefully by eoy we see xRapid released and the first banks using it commercially. This will be the start of the revolution. 

Until then sit tight and be patient. 

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5 hours ago, Z3NInvestor said:

Yeah I donno.

I'm not buying a more until it's under .25¢


4 hours ago, JojoBelt said:

When BTC goes back to $6000, XRP will be .25... wait few weeks.


Yes it might but no one knows.

If you are that certain of a fall in BTC and XRP you should consider a short?

I prefer the simple HODL life. 

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