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Pickled Red Onions


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Pickled Red Onions - Easy.

I glass Jar with a tight Lid.

4-5 Red onions - slice thin
1 big apple (Sweet) - Peal and make small cubes (throw the core and the stones)

Slowly boil this and stir until clear
1 dl 12% vinegar
2 dl sugar
3 dl water
1/2 tablespoon of salt,.

Put the Onion and Apple in the Jar.
Pour the boiling  water into the Jar.
Put on the Lid immediately when done. (Important)
Let it cool down and put it in the Fridge or anywhere with the same temperature as in the Fridge.
Ready to taste after 24 hours.
Stays fresh for at least 2 months.

You can Pickle lot´s of other stuff.
I have done a 50/50 like the above with Red Onions and Red Pepper.

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Added 1 step, that I forgot.
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