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New Payment Solution With Blockchain Technology - Swedish NEB working with Ripple as well:


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SEB has signed an agreement with Ripple, a San Francisco based fintech company, to use their blockchain technology solution as a basis for payment transactions. The first step will be to enable customers to make real-time transfers between SEB accounts in Stockholm and New York.

“This is a way to explore the potential of new technologies and an example of how we, by working with innovative technology companies, can be even more relevant to our customers,” says Paula da Silva, head of Transaction Services at SEB.


Since last year, SEB is part of the Distributed Ledger Group, where some 50 international banks have joined forces in a partnership to develop common standards for the distributed ledger technology.

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13 minutes ago, panmores said:

You're saying an xRapid candidate.

Think so. Have been in contact with SEB and discussed it. It´s "my" bank.
They claim they are testing all sorts of solutions . . . but the only Official is with Ripple and their Technology.
(Had some talks with Norwegians too where SEB is present, company talks, some are switching from Norwegians Banks to SEB just beacuse of that)

I have never ever said this, so no quoting, please.

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