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Could the Central Banks of New Zealand and Australia Adopt Ripple (XRP) Soon?


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"...First, they have singled out bitcoin’s payments inefficiencies as the reason why they can’t adopt it. For a central bank, there are very few other cryptos that have the capacity to give operational efficiency better than Ripple (XRP). That’s because in its very nature, Ripple is designed to be a bankers coin. It is fast, has low transaction fees, and is very stable. These are attributes that make it the perfect crypto for bank-to-bank transactions such as those carried out by central banks.

Besides, a central bank would go for a crypto that has wide acceptance by banks all across the world. That’s because central banks engage with other banks across the world for macro-stability purposes.  As such, they would have to go for a crypto that is widely accepted in the industry, and none beats Ripple (XRP) on this front. Ripple is currently working with more than 150 banks all across the world. This makes it easier for a central bank to adopt it and introduce it to local banks with ease."


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I would bet you could find the word "soon" with regard to crypto either in articles, forums, chats, etc. every day since conception.

It's a good article, but "soon" is unlikely. Depending on what you consider "soon", of course. 

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