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W3C Payment Handler API is coming to Chrome

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8 hours ago, LongRun said:

Crazy how little attention this is getting.

I think there's a terrible lack of understanding about the microtransaction / web monetization use case.  A lot of the people here have pushed back on monetizing this or that with XRP because "it's too expensive" or "it should be free";  not realizing that the value of their investment in XRP is, in part, based upon its uptake for enabling exactly those types of biz cases.

I've heard everything from "I don't want to be the guy who paid $10 million to buy a pizza" to "no, dude, the internet is free, man" - well, is it really "free"?  I see quite a lot of "costs" - but apparently I'm sort of alone, for now, in seeing those (time wasted watching ads, privacy being sold off behind my back, etc).  I would have thought that this would be welcome stuff...

I'm thinking that a lot of it is generational;  younger people who grew up with everything "free" are going to take some time to figure out that it's better to be a customer than a product.

I also think a lot of people are rather fuzzy on the actual amounts involved and "don't want to spend their XRP", even if like 10 XRP, divided into millions of drops, could last 'em a year...


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