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Quantum Project Discontinuation


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Dear GateHub users, 

The Quantum project team (QAU token) has announced they will be merging with Tokens.net.

You can read the official statement here.

After careful consideration, GateHub has decided not to support the coin swap and will be delisting QAU.

QAU trading and withdrawals will be available until September 10th, 2018 12:00 UTC. Any remaining QAU IOU’s issued by GateHub Fifth will be frozen on the Ripple network (XRP Ledger) at the same time.

When the withdrawal period ends on September 10th, 2018, GateHub Fifth issued QAU IOU’s will no longer be redeemable under any circumstances.

Please withdraw QAU to your own ERC-20 wallet before September 10th, 2018.

DO NOT withdraw directly from your GateHub Ripple wallet to the coin-swap address.

Thank you,

GateHub team

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16 hours ago, zerpdigger said:

lol, you never listed DTR either after you said you would -- another great decision you made listing QAU then :D

As written under a similar discussion, we are currently focusing our resources on supporting and developing our current products. GateHub is not adding any new currencies (DTR or other) at the moment. 

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