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Rippex Bridge


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Hello community,

We are glad to announce our new project called Rippex Bridge.
Rippex Bridge is intended to be a neat way for traders to jump from the bitcoin blockchain to the Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL) and vice-versa with zero friction.  :sun_bespectacled:
The idea is to maximize RCL's value propositions: being a public global decentralized exchange, with 100% availability and auditability in which is possible to bear a digital asset with no counterparties (XRP) and to trade several different assets,  what creates an excellent environment for managing counterparty risk and currency risk.

The Bridge is fully implemented in our Brazilian interface and we are working on the english version to make it available to this great community. Nevertheless, we decided to open it to international users in a closed beta phase. If you are an active cryptocurrencies trader and want to try the Rippex Bridge out, please contact us at traders at rippex dot net or via PM in this forum.

One of the main market makers in RCL is already onboard. =]

Here is how it works:

After the trader contacts us and the due diligence process is done, the trader will provide us ripple and bitcoin addresses.

For each ripple account provided by the trader, we will provide back a Rippex bitcoin address.
Every BTC payment from the trader's bitcoin address to the Rippex bitcoin address will trigger a ripple payment to the trader's ripple account.

For each bitcoin address provided by the trader, we will provide back a Rippex Ripple Address + destination tag.
Every BTC payment from the trader's ripple account to the Rippex ripple account + destination tag will trigger a payment to the trader's bitcoin address.

Simple as that, no API integrations, no client-side dependency. Ideal for automated trading.

There is a 0.2% transfer fee (trading fee) in ripple and 0.0005 BTC network fee for withdrawals (traders care a lot about certainty and speed in the blockchain).

Market: https://charts.ripple.com/#/markets/BTC:rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe/XRP?interval=1h&range=1w&type=line

We use cold/hot wallets for secure storage. No fractional reserve.

Issuing address: rKxKhXZCeSDsbkyB8DVgxpjy5AHubFkMFe
Hot Wallet: rf6eUJWaaV71XPzLBxiwiZ1gb9PR1CcW71
Cold Wallet: rpeKCr6Cc5mCj8GUUL4fPjeH5YXG3X1mYf

Come join us! Just drop us an email or PM.

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