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data api v2 get_payments


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The response to the request is incorrect


This is the wrong item.

 - destination_balance_changes

-  source_balance_changes

Is my opinion correct?



            "amount": "100",
            "delivered_amount": "100",
            "max_amount": "101",
            "source_balance_changes": [],
            "tx_index": 12,
            "currency": "GCB",
            "destination": "rNdwi8ain5ibXNB9A7H3zzKtSxgVzAqqAe",
            "executed_time": "2018-05-21T08:05:11Z",
            "ledger_index": 38812674,
            "source": "ra4ELQomZCkTtCnWZp8oGtjirsQTDDEM1x",
            "source_currency": "GCB",
            "tx_hash": "A17814829D840CF9B6DB5DA79FC6C8BBA9F2D04F3320BB7F317048E057895274",
            "transaction_cost": "0.000012"

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