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Finally official part of you guys!

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My wife tells me I have both financial and mental issues and that I should seek help. And only this morning I was in the shower, listening to YouTube XRP videos from last night, and she asked me if I wasn’t bored by only listening to XRP stuff all the time. I gave her my “shore wave”. She asked me why I was waving at her and I explained this was the wave she’d see when I departed the berth on our biga$$ sailboat while she stayed onshore. Then she told me I should add relationship issues to my list. 


Welcome aboard the crazy train!

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TheAnalyst, I'll borrow your hello-topic, since it for me was the decisive call, to finally register to the forum! So thank you. ?

Been into crypto since last September.. I remember about going through different cryptos eagerly.. pretty soon I landed on Ripples webpage and saw The Beard.. I was sold ?

The team and everything seemed instantly so professional.. Even with almost zero understanding of crypto back then, I understood "4 seconds" ..

Little by little I have moved almost all my cryptos into XRP.

Now just have to be patient. I'm also too much on all these forums reading .. everytime someone says something like "go live your life meanwhile" I know they are wise words.. This all is just too exciting, and I'm too impatient.

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