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Criptohub confirmed as first exchange to list Allvor!

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Criptohub confirmed as first exchange to list Allvor! New Brazilian exchange will list Allvor on July 25.    

Launch tomorrow! 

14.00 sao paolo time is in 20 minutes, lets see what price ALV will settle at at that exchange

55 minutes ago, Simoun said:

Looks like CriptoHub is going through some glitches, as per @Mr_McFearson, and there's no ALV pairing.

The email notice I quoted above says trading pairs will be gradually rolled out and fully available by Sept. 13.

So, could be another month or so.  Hopefully less.  @Allvor, any insight as to that that you can share?

That's strange. I managed to get a live window with alv prices this afternoon but couldn't get any further. Haven't checked Kraken yet to see if they are offering ALV now but I live chatted with them last night and they said no & they don't pre announce coins. 

Bit strange all this tbh. Not being kept up to date by @Allvor isn't helping.

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3 hours ago, Simoun said:

@Mr_McFearson and I can't seem to get on the exchange.  Wondering if that's because we're not in Brazil, or perhaps there are some glitches.

It was online momentarily, but there was a lot of glitches in the gui and the orderbook wasn't completely finished out yet either. You could see initial pairs but there was no data (as expected for a brand new exchange) yet on any of them. Between the floodgates being opened to customers and a brand new userface that hasn't been fully tested yet, it's expected to happen. When we can't reach the server they're probably bringing it down momentarily to fix the issues. 

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