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Criptohub confirmed as first exchange to list Allvor!

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Criptohub confirmed as first exchange to list Allvor! New Brazilian exchange will list Allvor on July 25.    

Launch tomorrow! 

14.00 sao paolo time is in 20 minutes, lets see what price ALV will settle at at that exchange

22 hours ago, zenkert said:

Criptohub ? Is that really so good to get listed there?
Just curios since I never heard of it.
Looked at their site and it was all Portuguese.

It is listed as a Brazilian hub, in Brazil.

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5 hours ago, Theregoesprofit said:

Criptohub tweeted that they will delay their opening to august 6th because of some large investors joining last minute. They also announce a shared orderbook with kraken resulting in high liquidity. Does this mean that ALV will be added on Kraken too? That would be huge

Criptohub will be able to broadcast orders into Kraken and that will increase liquidity. But it will be Criptohub and Kraken that decide which get broadcast and listed. I would direct your question to Criptohub. Hit them up on Twitter and let them know you'd like to see Allvor! 

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It's up and running.  Folks will need to register and go through KYC before trading, unless you already have an account through their ICO, apparently.  

Here's the email notice I got from Criptohub just now (translated to English):


You can now access the Exchange CriptoHub

We are pleased to announce that CriptoHub is open to its users.

Please go to our website www.criptohub.com.br and click on Login, if you already had an account with ICO, click on recover password, fill in your email and click send. If you do not already have an account, just click on register to do your registration.

After recovering password and logging in to the platform, follow these steps:

In your profile, click verification to upload your documents into verification, KYC;

In your profile, click on bank accounts and register your account (if you are Brazilian);

You can already generate deposit orders in all currencies, and in BRL.

Trading Pairs will be available gradually as more users complete the KYC process, and until Monday 13/09, we should be with most trading pairs open.

Note. If you have purchased CHBR at ICO, and CHBR is not credited to your CHBR Wallet, generate a wallet, and send tobonus@criptohub.com.br the request for CHBR to be transferred from ICO to Exchange. Our team is sending, however some transactions are not confirmed by the Ethereum network and need to be resubmitted. Please only ask CHBR if you intend to use it now, otherwise, within 48 hours, all transfers will be completed automatically.

Let's build CriptoHub together, we count on you, our team is here to help with everything that is needed.

Thank you so much.

The CriptoHub team


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