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Perspective of a speculation

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16 hours ago, Dutch_ins said:

we lucky

Don't post anymore, take a vow, an oath, do it for the community till we cross $589

Don't jinx it, let your posts count be a milestone till we reach it :D


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Unfortunately you are not a millionaire until you cash out, learned that lesson holding the last 6 months.

Since we are all speculating here of the price of 1 xrp I would like to paint 3 EOY predictions outcome in a perspective of becoming an (xrp)  millionaires. Currently there statisticly 18,1 Mio 

Sounds like your loosing you’re mind their ?

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On 6/21/2018 at 3:12 PM, XRPRJB said:

If you owned say 50k XRP and the price rose at ETH type levels of say $10 a day, you would be sitting and watching your personal fortune rising at half a million dollars every 24 hours. For weeks on end. It's scary to think about. How high do you ride it? When do you jump? At some point you have too much to hide and continue to live a 'normal' life...

Good problem to have though!

This is easy, my 1st cashout target is $20 for up to 50% of the stack, the rest rides further...

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