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100 XRP Giveaway Competition

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Just want to thank @BarryMcHockenue for hosting this XRP giveway competition.  With a little prize incentive on the line we were all treated to a number of reasonable price predictions and any future


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Final total entries, as per the guidelines set forth in the original post.

Cristallx: $589.00

tulo: $323.01

Paulo: $1.24

XRPonTheIronThrone: $0.8932

xrp_moonjet: $0.8931

Johannsen: $0.7891

GiddyUp: $0.777777

Skippy: $0.74444

TheYorkshireRippler: $0.7425

mrongey: $0.7238

SaladFingers: $0.721569

zeinx: $0.70707

Chocobo: $0.7059

RikkiTikki: $0.7034

BradGsBeard: $0.701129

SomeGuyXRP: $0.6999678

Babelly: $0.6969

Asen4XRP: $0.69418

cap: $0.69(000)

DutchPanda: $0.68394

CalRippleken: $0.67201

DariStar: $0.666:diablo:

divingman10: $0.64579

panmores: $0.654321

silly_ann: $0.64596

lostinthevalley: $0.62652

vrippled: $0.61459

zerocool: $0.61396

Robocrab85: $0.61258

baberuthmoonshot: $0.59214

Mokkagebak: $0.5750

Liagala: $0.56789

XRPisthefuture: $0.56111

rg809wPPM: $0.55371

original_xrp: $0.5537

whitefanng: $0.55274

vyckal: $0.54668

XekProject: $0.54219

LiquidGoat: $0.54203

Rentipple: $0.53287

morten.due: $0.53216

noucktourno: $0.52555

dachxrpshund: $0.51335

gibbontrader: $0.5125

BiffTannen: $0.50370

zerpdigger: $0.492

WhtSno: $0.4875

Zedy44: $0.43504

RippleHerToShreds: $0.43500

Edited by BarryMcHockenue
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1 hour ago, Cryptical_Thinker said:

This is too easy and doesn't even seem legitimate. The price of one (1) XRP on June 29, 2018 will be one (1) XRP. This will always be the price of XRP. Please contact me and I will tell you where to send the X.

Thank you for your 1 post...ever.  Too easy - thanks for not participating - much rather send XRP's to someone whom will appreciate them.  Not legitimate - PM the winner after Friday morning and verify that I actually sent them payment.  The price of 1 XRP will always be 1 XRP; there are other reasons why I held this competition, and will hold another - things you would know if you if you were a regular here.  Best of luck to you in life.

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