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100 XRP Giveaway Competition

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I guess based on what I've read that I'm allowed to do this on the forum.  Also I know 100 XRP isn't much, but it's something for free, so don't complain.  I have a separate wallet set up where I send people XRP from, after showing them how to set up a wallet, etc., just to create more interest in the asset.  I will send 100 XRP from this wallet to the winners wallet, after they PM me with where to send it to.  I will post the winners name here, if they give me permission to do so, however anyone that can do math will be able to figure out whom the winner is based on the posts in this thread.

With so many people having so many different opinions on price, this is kind of like put your money where your mouth is.  Do people whom claim $589 by EOY really believe that, or is it just crap they spew on the forum?  If the participation in this Giveaway goes well, I will do another one for an EOY prediction, with a bigger bounty.

For this one, simply post on this thread your prediction for the price of XRP on June 29th, 2018.  I will base the final price as of 11:00 a.m., E.S.T., U.S. on June 29th, 2018, at which time I will pay the winner.  All submissions/posts/predictions must be posted here by 11:59 p.m., E.S.T., U.S. on June 24th, 2018.  No submissions after this date/time will be eligible to win (this allows us almost a full work week for price fluctuation, as waiting until the last minute would give the edge to those whom post last).  Limited to 1 prediction per person - the first prediction you make is the only one you get - any additional submissions or edits to a post will not be eligible.  Only users whom have been registered on the forum since June 18, 2018 are eligible, so as to prevent people from just creating multiple new accounts for multiple entries.  Please be specific, i.e. $0.55422, vs. just saying $0.55.  I will be using the below website to determine the exact price on this date/time, just so everyone is on the same page.

Whomever is closest wins.


Best of luck!

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