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Rumor: JP Morgan and Ripple In ‘Early Discussions’


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That is barely a rumor. We know Ripple talked with them. And the source followed up with, but I don't know anything else. 

So, Ripple talked with JP Morgan. 

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7 minutes ago, Magicarp said:

Brad Garlinghouse spotted using the new iPhone; 'Apple and Ripple close to a deal, XRP preparing for new all time high!'

Get your facts straight, he was buying apples at a grocery store. And ate one in the parking lot. 

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On 6/19/2018 at 9:40 AM, namini said:


The question we are now facing is how can we help Ripple@JoelKatzto gain traction. One essential is rapid decentralisation of Ripple network.

Ripple should create an incentive for the xrpchat community members to run validators in the various countries all over the world. In such a way that there would be at least 10 - 20  validators in every country before the end of 2018. That would imho seriously help with the decentralisation issue. Simply reward every validators xrp address with say 10.000 XRP for running the validator for 5 years. When decentralisation kicks in the transaction speeds will multiply. Adoption will take off and the 10.000 XRP rewarded to the first 1000 validators will become more valuable and will give the validator owners more funds to keep them going .....

Within such an incentive program my company will definitely run a XRP validator.

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more baseless hype for the cobbs and other copy-and-paste youtube "crypto experts" of this world to somehow stretch into a 10 min video

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