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Ripple Manager Appointed In Committee Of US Federal Reserve: https://www.kryptovergleich.org/ripple-manager-wird-in-ausschuss-der-us-notenbank-berufen/


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Hi guys, here some good news in bad times:


german article, most important part translated via google:

"Ryan Zagone is the head of Ripple Business Development Research Research. Now ripple announced on its website that the US Federal Reserve has called Zagone to a new post. This involves a position in the Steering Committee of the Working Group on Faster Payments. The Steering Committee consists of 16 people representing the numerous participants of the working group."

"The US Federal Reserve created this working group in 2015. The group focuses on targeting and creating a catalog of requirements for faster payment systems. To do this, she suggests solutions and tests their ability to achieve the goals. So you want to stimulate the payment industry to introduce faster payment systems. The basic idea of the working group is to persuade the various stakeholders to act together. Thus, a US payment system is to be realized by 2020, which is faster, widely available, suitable for everyone, safe and efficient."

Here the link from the ripple website: https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-labs-elected-to-fed-steering-committee-for-faster-payments/


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