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I wish I wouldn't have watched this video

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I haven’t seen it but I’m sure that you have the wrong impression.  

Ripple execs regularly say that the price is a distraction from their real work of creating the internet of value. 

But there are sometimes glimpses into the real situation...   and I believe that as a group, and certainly in many individual cases,  they are acutely aware of price and want it much higher.

Miguel most of all but it applies to them all I think.

Do not naively assume that everything said must be taken at purely face value   There is often an agenda and right now Ripple are particularly aware of various image issues. 

Also be assured that even if they never glance at price,  they are busily doing the very things that will mean it’s eventual increase.


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"I don't have big XRP holdings, I guess its important to me.  If the company is successful I will do alright."  - Cory

Hence if the company is successful his small bag will do alright.      His focus is, as others in Ripple have been, is to make Ripple successful.  A byproduct of Ripple being successful , (xRapid, Codius, ILP, etc) will make XRP successful.  Context.....  

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6 hours ago, XRPisthefuture said:

Cory pretty much said that he doesn't care at all about XRP. He only cares about the company ripple. I thought fair enough but then he does forget that XRP holders are investors that help to push the price up. 



I’m not sure what you were watching, but after watching the interview myself, I have to disagree with your generalised negative sentiment to what Cory was actually saying. After the slightly alarming title to this post, I viewed the interview to see what it was that got you upset, but nothing that warranted your misleading statements was forthcoming. From my POV, Cory was completely candid in what he said and there was absolutely zero negative spin towards XRP IMHO. Anyway, I thank you for posting this thread regardless, because the startling headline did prompt me to view the interview myself and I ended up coming away happy to have watched it. Overall I found it interesting and I was glad to hear a frank and level-headed view from someone inside Ripple and the crypto space. I don’t think it’s fair or right to confuse Cory’s delivery style with your statement implying he ‘doesn’t care at all about XRP’. Very misleading and baffling to say the least...

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Everyone that has been on this chat for a little knows how bullish I've been. Positive even in the face of being 3$+ and coming down to 50 cents ish. This video to me is very disappointing. 

He was clear. They've spun off. Before, if XRP failed, so did Ripple. Now it seems that with this pushing away from promoting XRP because of the security issue, they've decided if xCurrent is successful then so is Ripple. XRP and xRapid are just the icing but not vital anymore. That's my take. Call me FUDster all you want. 

I'll keep my holdings until I reach my goal. Regardless at this point because I think it can still make it big. I really thought this interview by Cory was terrible. There are better ways to distance from XRP. 

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5 hours ago, 2ndtimearound said:

If XRP fails, Ripple fails.  xCurrent is not enough to ensure the survival of Ripple.  Competitors will create something similar to xRapid and then xCurrent will be dead in the water.  For Ripple to survive in the future, XRP must be a success.

A lot of truth in this statement.  the presence of Xrapid make it impossible to ignore Xcurrent

Cory is a hack presenter not a deep thinker.  His conversation is always shallow and never penetrating.  His value is that he is a media celeb in finance and he worked for Bloomburg.  To get stuck next to him on an aeroplane would be really boring

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I have said this time and time again


RIPPLE can be succesful without XRP being worth a penny

RIPPLE makes there money by selling software to banks and FI called Xcurrent

Xrpaid does not have to ever go live for Ripple to go down in the history books for changing the way money moves across the world


XRP is a wild card and until EOY 2019 we wont know how many are going to adopt it


1st post back from suspension it feels great! But i might leave this board for BS suspension 

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