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Will there be any profit in running a Codius host?

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Went to set up my own using Google Cloud..and it's way over my head.

Have you seen any uptick in xrp earned with the recent running contracts?

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26 minutes ago, ReformedEquityTrader said:

I'm up to about 2 XRP per day on average with the recent increase in contracts.  Most I've made is ~6 XRP in a day.

Also, it's definitely more active on weekdays.

Wow thats a lot actually. I have been getting the micropayments and running contracts but you must have a TON more than me!

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13 hours ago, Ezip1 said:

There's been quite the uptick in active contracts.  Are any of you that have hosts running seeing any type of revenue?

Around 1 to 2 XRP per day for me but the recent increase in contracts over the last few days has boosted the average amount significantly.

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On 7/8/2018 at 8:05 PM, NightJanitor said:

Stupid Question:  Do you get any transparency into what the contracts you're hosting do?

Another Stupid Question:  Are any of you running your own contracts to get anything done?

Follow-Up Stupid Question:  Have any of you attempted to set up any type of a smart oracle?

Fourth-In-A-Row Stupid Question:  Do any of you have custom inputs to offer, such as entropy?

I don't think these are stupid questions.

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