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Salted Cod for breakfast!


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@Snoopy Since you asked....here is what I made for Fathers Day this morning. My husband loves this. It’s a Caribbean dish called Buljol. I used Cibatta bread with it because he likes that...but I find a subtler tasting softer bread is better. 

I know Salted Cod might sound crazy and it is a unique taste...but if you like fish you will probably like this. It is super easy to make and does not require any cooking. For real. 

So I buy the salted cod...or really any salted fish you get will work....you’ll find it in the frozen seafood section in your grocery. Soak it overnight in water. Next morning drain out the water; I also use a paper towel to press the fish and to get any excess water out. Then I cut the fish into smaller pieces and then shred those smaller portions by hand. 

Dice up tomatoes, green pepper, chives, onion and hot pepper. Add olive oil and mix it with the salted fish in a bowl. DONE! 

I am not a fan of salted fish...but I will eat this any day of the week. So yummy for the tummy. ?




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