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It's goodbye, kind of

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As I am writing this, the last of my market orders have been filled. To all those, who kept calling for me to sell, - congratulations on the job well done. Your continuous well wishes manifested in a

Quite a beatiful piece @Graine. While I look at things differently, it's the differences that make life beautiful. It made me like your critical thinking. It makes me like Ripple in being different th

If history repeats...  There should be a moon shot in a few weeks.  It always happens when the most hardcore quit. 

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Ouch, this will be the biggest mistake of your life. You can invest and own something without being consumed by it.

There’s nothing wrong with selling for personal reasons (such as selling for profit or because you fear price might drop) but selling for the wrong reasons (some of the reasons you listed above) and then be proven wrong later will haunt you and make you regret.

But most importantly, people should stop buying/selling and speculating on XRP solely based on what Ripple announces. They ARE separate.

Eventually, there will be many big players using XRP in ways we can’t imagine today. XRP ledger is capable of doing so much more than what you seem to understand.


1 hour ago, Graine said:

I was incredibly saddened by Katz’s tweet

What he said is 100% true and accurate.

1 hour ago, Graine said:

Bitcoin distribution looks fair

It’s not :)

1 hour ago, Graine said:

It feels like Ripple found their high horse attitude. Again. Good for them to have the reason to look down on people from position of strength. I guess.

Simply put, haters are getting repetitive and becoming less creative day by day. As one of many participants in the XRP ecosystem, Ripple’s responses seem confident rather than arrogant.

p.s. market orders are for noobs. please use limit orders next time!

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