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Is XRP a security or not, lets find the answer

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Ripple is a huge company already imo, and they are keen to work with regulators. People are comparing them with Amazon on here, in terms of their footprint and importance within the US as if to say they aren't too big to fail. 

In my opinion this comparison is unfair, Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, but they're also well known for being allusive when it comes to paying tax and therefore contributing to the governments in the countries in which they're based. Think Starbucks and you've got a similar situation. 

When Microsoft started out similarly they were NOT an all powerful organisation, but they grew and grew. Now almost everyone has a computer and their software. Them or Apple anyway, another American company.

So ripple I believe has the potential to become this big, but unlike some of the other aforementioned companies for some reason I can't see ripple not paying their fair share in tax and I think their contributions to charities, the government (in taxes) and universities / schools have been significant. This isn't going unnoticed by the us government who are probably aware that cryptos are only gonna grow and grow. So you really think the us government is going to allow the sec to stifle the growth of another potential American unicorn? American business has always been admired globally and they won't want to miss out being at the forefront of this new technology. 

I think the government and sec will be working hard with ripple behind the scenes (as others have said) to make sure they're in good shape to declare them a commodity. 

The silence and lack of news is as good news. 

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On 6/16/2018 at 3:59 AM, cuber said:

Someone posted asking if JK could clarify or confirm if this is actually the case however we may find that the Ripple employees may actually begin to distance themselves from the forum. Therefore perhaps @hammertoe or @Rabbit_Kick_Club could provide further insight as these guys are actually running their own validators.

As of today, Ripple is carrying on with their decentralization plans. They have now added two non-Ripple validating nodes to their recommended UNL: Worldlink-US and Flagship Solutions Group. Consistent with their strategy, they have removed one ripple.com validating node.

Even before decentralization started, it would have been possible for independent nodes to over rule Ripple's validating nodes, as they were vastly outnumbered.

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