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Into the Troll's Lair; a very entertaining discussion with Matt Hamilton ‏ @HammerToe and some Bitcoin trolls

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1 hour ago, hammertoe said:

Thanks all :) I've not been about in here too much recently so just saw this thread.

Yes, it was a tough call, and yes I did think twice about posting it, as realised it could be easily taken as 'ammunition' by further bitcoin trolls. But so far I've had virtually none of them try to say anything to me about it. And plenty of support from the XRP community.

Yes, I was being snarky at times on there, and there were time a slightly more diplomatic response might have been more productive. But I thought it was going to be a quick 10 minute chat one on one... not an hour and a half 5-on-1.

Yes, the point of the XRP Ledger or Bitcoin blockchain *as a whole* is to come to consensus on the GLOBAL BALANCES (I can't say those two words now without shouting them in my head). But the point I was (not very successfully) trying to make was that the aspect of the process that VALIDATORS get involved in is just to come to consensus on the ordering of the transactions. The idea was to then talk about potential ways that could go wrong. But we didn't get that far, as they were unable to look at the various parts of the problem individually.



If you were able to talk without getting talked over then I’m sure you would of been very successful in explaining. These kids have no computer science background and it’s amazing how they have no clue how this tech works. Didn’t even know that ripple validators don’t payout fees!

Talk about shoving your head in the sand! Not even going to research your competitors tech? Smart stuff

I loved what you did Matt. As painful as it was to listen to these sand crabs I watched the whole thing just to understand the psychology of these individuals


Thanks and mad respect for fighting FUD. I actually think we need more of this, not less. A conversation of short twitter messages isn’t the slightest bit constructive.

Now we just need trolls that don’t laugh like little school girls and know how to carry on a civilized conversation like most adults in the professional world

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