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Dwolla transitioning away from consumer facing


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Could they be getting ready for the decision coming from the fed faster payment?

Changes coming to your Dwolla account December 7, 2016

Around two years ago, Dwolla made the decision to transition from “Dwolla as an Application” to  “Dwolla as a Platform”. Instead of building new features on Dwolla.com, we introduced a new pricing model, redesigned our developer portal, and released a new version of our API. Today, businesses and developers use Dwolla to quickly build our infrastructure directly into their native applications. 

As more and more partners come online to use our APIs or business tools, the need to focus on developing and supporting new functionality in the platform has become our number one priority. As such, Dwolla will be making some major changes to its own consumer-facing applications (e.g. Dwolla.com, the mobile app, and Dwolla Forms) and the functionality they provide, starting December 7, 2016. This shift will allow Dwolla to focus on and pave the way for a more robust and innovative platform for businesses and developers.


First things, first!

Dwolla-only: The changes only apply to payments made inside Dwolla’s branded mobile and web applications. Changes do not apply to transactions made through an ecommerce checkout or a third-party integration.

Recommendations coming soon: We’re working with a number of partners and will recommend alternative platforms for some of your favorite activities soon.

What WON’T I be able to do within Dwolla’s web and mobile applications?


Please take some time to carefully review the details below. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. 

After Dec 7, 2016, your Personal account can still be used to:

Make a payment when money is requested from you

Receive and ‘Withdraw’ funds when money is sent to you

Make purchases from businesses, nonprofits or governments using Dwolla’s ecommerce checkout flow

Monitor your application permissions, pay through third-party applications, and grant access to new applications

Access your account history

After Dec 7, 2016, the following account features will be removed from your dashboard and mobile applications.

The ‘Add money’ button

The ‘Send’ or ‘Request’ buttons

The ability to create and collect payments via your Hub page and Dwolla Forms.

Please review our FAQ to learn more about additional features that may or may not be impacted.

Transitioning to mobile.Dwolla.com

On December 7, 2016, Dwolla will be removing its mobile apps from their respective app stores. A similar mobile experience is live and available today at mobile.Dwolla.com. We suggest heavy users of the Dwolla app replace it with a pinned shortcut to their mobile home screen.

Alternatives? Questions? Concerns?

We recognize that you may have additional questions or concerns on how these items may impact other features and services. Please visit our FAQ for personal users for more detailed information. 

Thank you

The last six years have helped Dwolla develop the nation’s most robust and future-proof bank transfer platform. With this experience, we feel confident that it’s time we lead with businesses and developers in mind. This clarity, simplicity, and focus will help Dwolla continue to bring new, smarter products and services to market more quickly. 

We’re more dedicated than ever to building you all the ideal API to move money. 

Dwolla team


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Not sure, but they are integrated with My GlobalID app... I sense ripple, dwolla and maybe a few others will be a part of a FED faster payment package, grouped together to provide all the various types of faster payments... Interested to see how ILP will fit into all of this, since it is the game changer for exactly that, faster payments, for the internet of value, connecting all ledgers at the speed of the internet.

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