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Is there way for recover Toast without backup


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Hi everyone 

I had ToastWallet for 5 months and about 3000 xrp's.

I got backup copy and saved it in Memo/note on android smart Phone( because it was very dificault to write on paper) After reset my phone i lost my backup.

I have My passphrases and recovery phrase(six word) and public key that i done my transactions in changelly. 

But i could not recover my Wallet.

Is there anyway to find my funds.if no what happend for these lost xtp's and so like that?




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You have your phrases which are the keys to decrypt your wallet but you are missing a wallet to decrypt (this is what the backup code is).

If you have a whole-phone backup or cloud backup of your device this can often be used to restore your wallet.

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Thanx a lot

Sory i have not backup. I tried to restore my data by some applications such as "android data recovery" but i could not do it.

My question is

What happen for these lost funds like me? (People that lost their wallets.)



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Funds in XRPL accounts with lost keys just remain in those accounts forever, no one will be able to access them unfortunately.

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