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Vladi Zakinov filed a class action lawsuit on Tuesday

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Jeez another damn lawsuit




"However, the suit continues, the investors lost money – and have the potential to continue losing money – because XRP owners cannot control Ripple."


OKay so what happens if they make money can Ripple SUE them for making money?

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Doesn't it feel like people are coming after Ripple to do everything they can to take them out?


Wonder when these cases will play out?  Or if Ripple will drag them out and make these people waste there money


I mean how can you sue a company that didnt even create the digital asset


Thats' like this:


Say the poster above me has a pair of jeans on he got from the mall.  He tells me hoe great these jeans are bla bla bla

I go out and buy the jeans and I think they suck! So Now I am going to sue this poster bc the jeans suck even though he didnt make them !

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