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Toast Wallet-How to copy and paste the recovery/backup code


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I am trying to recover a Toast Wallet. I have the pass phrase/recovery phrase and backup/recovery code that I copied and pasted into a word document.

The backup/recovery code is extremely long (hundreds of numbers, letters and symbols).

I created a new account and chose the  "restore" option. It asks me to enter the pass phrase or recovery phrase of the current account and it asks for the backup code from a previous Toast Wallet account. The problem is that the backup code is very long and I don't have the option to copy and paste it because the Toast Wallet won't allow me to paste it into the backup code field.

I am wondering if I can copy and paste it before I have opened a new account. That would be a fresh "install" of the  wallet where it asks you to create a pass phrase etc and set up your account.

If it let's me copy and paste it before I have setup a new account, how can I delete my current account so I can set up my wallet again. I deleted the AppImage and used a new one, but the old account still shows up and asks me for the pin number of the old account. I use linux (xubuntu) and I am surprised that the data has been stored on my computer even though it is an AppImage.

I am also wondering if I can use the recovery seed and  backup code to recover a Toast Wallet with another type of wallet (not Toast Wallet)

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2 hours ago, Commomore said:

I don't know anything about programming, but I hope you guys will make the recovery function easier to use. You can recover most wallets with a recovery phrase. It's less complicated.
Anyway, thanks.

To recover with only a recovery phrase requires either all your wallets to be deterministically generated from a single seed -- which means you wouldn't be able to import addresses into Toast -- or an upload of your wallet data to an external server which you can retrieve using your recovery phrase.

We don't like either of these options and neither do our users so unfortunately you're stuck managing your own backup codes. It's not that complicated to be honest. If you want a wallet where you don't have to manage anything yourself just keep your XRP on an exchange.

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