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Newbie introduction

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Hi folks,

having just registered I thought it would be polite to introduce myself. I’m a 43 yo male from the UK who first bought BTC @ around £8.00 im 2012. If only I knew then hey....?

I invested a considerable amount in May 2017 and have been riding the rollercoaster since. To date I am 55% XRP, 20% XLM, 10% ETH and then a few other speculative alts.

I follow XRP community/development on a daily basis and in my opinion it is the strongest project out there. I’m here to learn more and contribute where I feel I can. I wish you all the best.


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 :crigon_04: to the forum, I'm from the UK myself. I do believe we have the strongest project and there is so much still to learn! This is definitely the best XRP forum available, hope you enjoy! 

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