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Tool to add a regular key offline, airgapped, to your mnemonic (Ledger) wallet

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48 minutes ago, tulo said:

That's cool, but I think that nullifies part of the safety of Ledger. Isn't it?

After using the tool there are 2 keys that are allowed to sign for transactions. The original key (based on the mnemonic) and the newly generated key. You now have to keep 2 keys safe, the mnemonic passphrase and the newly generated family seed (secret) with the sXXXXXX format: they are both able to sign transactions for your account.

There's only one way to "go hot" with your wallet, and that's to trust your secret to an application. The Ledger security is only as good as the secrecy of your mnemonic.

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22 minutes ago, pucksterpete said:

Nice, I have been waiting for Ledger to come out with something like this, like they had promised.  I guess you beat them to it....  Thanks man, hows married life?

:D - And married life is great! Not that much different though (thank goodness) :) 

18 minutes ago, pucksterpete said:

I'm assuming I can use this with any of the Ledger products that have the mnemonic passphrase, correct?

Yeah, even other products, as long as they use a mnemonic passphrase to generate the keypair (but that's only Ledger as far as I am aware).

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58 minutes ago, marousi said:

Stealing secret keys are you?

That offends me a bit. I spend many hours a week educating, helping and supporting the XRP community. Now I release a tool that's:

  • Open source
  • Instructs users to use it locally and offline
  • Creating a transaction Air Gapped only

Of course I am not.

Edit: I completely agree users should be VERY, VERY cautious, and keep their secret / mnemonic safe. That's why you should do your own research, make sure you know what you are doing, don't do anything in a hurry and preferably only do things like this offline, air-gapped and on a computer you trust.

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1 hour ago, marousi said:

I did not intend to be rude. It is just that my level of trust in the crypto space can be low.

You did intend to be rude.  Here's you taking an unprovoked shot at Alex Cobb:

To others that may be reading:

@xrptipbot is an incredible developer who does an immense amount of unpaid work for the XRP ecosystem. 

So far, this is what  (I know of) he's done:

  • XRP Tip Bot - Reddit
  • XRP Tip Bot - Discord
  • XRP Tip Bot - Twitter
  • XRP-to-text via SMS
  • The Ledger Exposed Website for XRP Wallet Statistics
  • FUD Bingo Website
  • Kyte Wallet (beta)

Over the course of time, I've had my suspicions about others that may have created a wallet and posted the code in Github Repository.  We all have to be careful online and do our due diligence. 

But I've never made an unsupported random accusation that somebody who's visibly creating something new has a sinister motivation.  Why?  Because I have no clue what their motivations are.  All I know is proof of behavior.  Does @xrptipbot ask for your secret key?  No.  Nowhere, no how. 

A forced, reluctant apology does nothing to dissuade me from my low opinion of any anybody that would make completely unsupported accusations against any member of the XRP community. 

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This will allow me to add a Trustline to get the Allvor crypto, correct?  I ask because I have followed the instructions as provided.  When I go to add a Trustline I don't see an option.  I don't see that option on my Android when I click Trustlines.

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