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Using artificial intelligence (AI) for global regulation of cryptocurrencies?


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Okay this is a more philosophical brainfart... this week I followed a presentation about artificial intelligence (AI) and one of the questions from the audience was: Should the government regulate artificial intelligence? During the following discussions I countered with the question:  Shouldn't AI regulate governments? This would make for far more objective decisions! Or would it?

That made me think about crypto regulation as well:

On the internet (and with the help of VPN) the concept of countries/borders can become a bit of a grey area. That makes it difficult to regulate and with anonymous crypto's it's even more difficult/impossible to pinpoint the owner, which in turn makes difficult to determine under which country he/she should be taxed/regulated.  Also the rules and regulations differ hugely from country to country.

Could it be possible to create global regulations by using AI in combination with smart contracts? And do we want this?

I'd like to hear your thoughts!


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What exact topics of AI came up in the presentation?

I think the question from the crowd of " Should the government regulate artificial intelligence?" might have been aiming at jobless etc perhaps? If so in each revolution (industrial etc) we have also been able to advance and there should be no skeptics or fear of AI... as it's already in play.

VPNs are OK but it's not as if you are totally anon as majority keep logs... VPN won't cover you with tax/regulation surely not.. as you will have to have an account and likely proof of residency and bank account I would assume... within that region?

As for "Shouldn't AI regulate governments?" ... How? ? Machine learning, neural networks etc are all when and good (except for running a country)?

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4 minutes ago, Tayto said:

What exact topics of AI came up in the presentation?

Layman's terms explanation of Algorithmics and the impact of IA on society (Cambridge Analytics and Amazon) and of course the 'they will take our jobs'-fear passed as well.


11 minutes ago, Tayto said:

As for "Shouldn't AI regulate governments?" ... How? ? Machine learning, neural networks etc are all when and good (except for running a country)?

Frankly I don't know... Yet ? But Elon made it happen for cars so why not create a modern AI Oracle of Delphi?


18 minutes ago, Tayto said:

VPN won't cover you with tax/regulation surely not.

The goverment can't tax what the can't see, like the money in the sock under my bed..

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Only those who are governed can be trusted to control the governement. This fact has been demonstrated throughout human history. Why do so many fail to understand or even study the lessons of the past?  

I hate to say you are fools to believe that any govt AI will have the people’s best interest at heart. When was the last time anyone ever mentioned open source software for AI? You will never see it. Although I would want to live for 200 more years, I would prefer death over AI law enforcement. Today’s police may have some bad apples, but that typically only happens in cities, where they cannot police themselves, so outsiders must do it. 

Our system was designed so that local citizens were empowered, to educate, and police their own. Unfortunately the Feds have infiltrated our local institutions, and now our society has big pockets of folks, that have devolved, and are now incapable of supporting, much less policing themselves.

AI will exterminate them,  yet some of you can’t wait for it to become reality?

As far as crypto, this is the reason national currencies will not go away. Govt will need crypto to be converted to local fiat, so they can control the flow of wealth, when you cash out. Govts already have the tech in place for monitoring this, AI is not required.

Sorry but the 1 world Govt and currency dream,  will never happen, unless America repeats the huge mistake of 2008-12. We were (still are) 1 election away from losing our sovereignty. 

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47 minutes ago, strikerjax said:

Check out OpenAI Started by Elon Musk

Will do, but I doubt the police bots will have the same engineering philosophy behind their code.

Heck I can’t even tweak my roombot- 1 small adjustment in it’s decision making/problem solving algorithm would make a big difference in it’s efficiency. (At least in my home)

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6 hours ago, Valhalla_Guy said:

I hate to say you are fools to believe that any govt AI will have the people’s best interest at heart.

@Valhalla_GuyWho says that it should be govt AI... Most new tech is developed by/for the military but it will end up in 'the peoples' hand eventually.

AND why do you think govt AI will have the government's best interest at heart? It would be very logical that the AI would learn from it's mistakes and cut out human decision-making/logic as it is subjective and emotional.

Should we/you really be afraid to become redundant... Like horses? Stone tools? Roman senate? Telegraphers? Mankind is very versatile, we will find ways to survive and thrive.

In the post I never said I dreamed of a one world government and currency. Also your personal perception is very US centred (a country that is only a little more than 200 years old). You can't call us fools without looking in the mirror man...

BUT it seems you have given this a lot of thought as well and I enjoyed reading your reply! My question to you is: AI is already here and it certainly won't go away (yet), so what do you think will happen?


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