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**RAFFLE** in Support of XRPChat

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Updated, added and clarified the ways to pay/ enter.

TWITTER via XRP Tip Bot, to user @Mercury2theMoon

For more info see https://www.xrptipbot.com/

SMS TEXT MESSAGING via XRP TEXT, message for number

For more info see https://sms.xrptext.com/

XRP LEDGER via XRP/ USD. Bitstamp, ripple address is:  rJCDKXt4EBxbfA3kvxv895g8i9dzY62y1u  (be sure to message me your user name and sending wallet to be entered).

INTERAC DEBIT (CAD ONLY) via email, message me for address.

CREDIT CARD via https://squareup.com/store/MercuryMint/

Please note the credit card option is temp store for both regular purchases and the raffle tickets (bottom). Prices are in CAD, but the exchange rate will equal out to $5 and $45 respectively.


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autobridging.thumb.png.45a30ae2d595d0cee47445908fc5a8a8.pngI have been asked how auto bridging works. In short it goes like this- Ripple automatically does all the conversion between order books and allows you to send a payment in an asset you may not own as long as you hold equal value in another asset and there is a market for it.

You can use this via Gatehub for example:

  • You open send
  • enter the destination wallet
  • the amount you want to send  and the type
  • and if your wallet has more than one asset is will search the best rate and you select the option you like!

In the example to the right the wallet does not have any USD but does have XRP that could be sent, converted and received as $5 USD for 7.6224 XRP


I may have made a hash of the explanation- comment on a better illustration if you like


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The raffle is complete- thank you all who have participated!

I have contacted the winner and if they allow will post their name here late.

Thank you again, you guys rock!


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