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Can't find coins


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I had not checked my coin balance for several weeks.   When I did, all the coins I had on my Nano S have zero balances.   

I did all the restoring steps possible and still can't find my coins.

Somehow I also thought that if/when you changed your 24 word recovery phrase that you no longer needed the original.   Nano support personnel tell me if I can't find those original 24 words then I can't recover my coins.    

If that is true - is there no way with the NANO S thumb drive that Ledger Nano S support personnel can go into the thumb drive and find all the series of recovery phrases I used, even going back to the original one.   Since all the data resides on the Nano S itself ( like a hard drive ) it seems IT personnel who are experts with this device should be able to recover this info for me.   Otherwise looks like I have lost about $13K worth of coins!!!!!!


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Sorry, hard lesson to learn on the importance of the 24-word list.  

And unfortunately you should consider them gone without that original list. 
After all - what's to distinguish your case of accidental loss of data vs. a thief that managed to steal one and wants it cracked?

If I learned it was possible to recover without having that list, I would personally look for a new hardware wallet that same day to replace my Ledger.

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