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Wow....Do you actually believe this news? Man dies and takes account with him.

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According to this website, this guy died and didn't leave his password and his family can't access his 1 billion XRP account.


I was thinking that he has given us all a great gift - a 1% coin burn. Unless they find the password.

So what do you guys think? Did he use an exchange or a ledger? I have planned for this scenario and i only have a rather small amount. Do you have a contingency plan? Or are you leaving a 1 billion XRP wallet tombstone for the rest of us to gaze at in awe?


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he almost cetainly had backup written copies of passwords or just paid a custody solution to do it all for him, or a combo of both

and there's no credible source i've found showing the xrp is lost, which just shows what disgusting lying scum these "news" sites are

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If I recall correctly I read in one of the articles he apparently had his stash split up amongst many nanos locked up in back vaults across the U.S. If this is the case, whoever obtains access to these vaults through his Will, would then inherit the XRP assuming he stored the passkeys with them as well

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