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The growing concern with the XRP & Ripple subreddits. As we all know there are leaders of our community and content creators who have all found themselves banned from the subreddits for simpl

You got banned for 7 days after making this comment along with many other disrespectful comments toward other users including Claire from Ripple https://www.removeddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/8mfk9f/que

Hodor was talking about getting banned from r/investing which is not related to r/Ripple or r/XRP I'm in touch with both Hodor and Alex on discord so you are just making a fool of yourself claiming

This particular mod is a particular concern. No other moderators get called out on this behaviour. 

They made the rules in December and things have been getting progressively worse with OTT banning and agressive arbitrary deleting. They sound like a very angry person with control issues, not an impartial moderator. 

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1 minute ago, SunnyDay99 said:

The one above is a good example




So the best example you could find was from 4 months ago when people posted tons of fake news?
I wouldn't be surprised to see you get banned from xrpchat

2 minutes ago, SunnyDay99 said:

Again, just use google, plenty of examples that don't involve me screenwriting, uploading and posting. 


u/Woody1992 was never banned and my comment simply asked for some link proof (which they never provided)
I believe we were fixing flairs back then so the mod flair didn't show.
The fact that you are even using this to support whatever argument you are trying to make is quite amusing to me.


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Just now, SunnyDay99 said:

As I said, I'm not arguing the standard of moderation with the moderator. 

Here's the link to the sub rules. Everything is outlined clearly.

And this thread is pinned at the very top
"XRP Subreddit Rules, Helpful Links & Answers to Common Questions - READ BEFORE POSTING"

Unfortunately for you, creating multiple accounts to evade temporary ban and insulting other users earned you a permanent ban from r/Ripple and r/XRP


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Guys, all of social media crap is a highly manipulative sentiment analysis tool to figure us out and spread chaos , y’all know that better then anything. 

It is what it is , we can’t fix it or change it.

But we can stop using it or setting a baseline for our decisions by reading everything that is there.


Edited by FUD
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Pretty much a dead post at this point, but wanted to chime in.

I'm the head mod on /r/Ripple, every individual who gets unjustly banned is encouraged to reach out to me in PM in order to sort and arbitrate the issue.

There are a ridiculously small amount of arbitration requests sent to me for the amount of subscribers on the subreddit.

nvok usually gets a lot of complaints, but that's also because he spends a lot of his spare time moderating. More potential cases, but he knows the rules and enforces them.

The rules were a community discussion about what people wanted to see on the subreddit. We always welcome community discussion if the rules need to be changed. Feel free to start a post and if the community wants to discuss rule changes we're more than happy to consider, but the end result is usually a happy medium between too much post removal and not enough.

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