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Ripple XRP named most popular Crypto Investment


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There is an old Jacobian saying,” Give me a child until he is 7, and I’ll show you the man.”

Interesting that the main new users of Crypto are Student and IT Workers.

The Jacobian saying is old and out of date to a degree, but certainly if students are using something it will certainly have its 30 year future assured.

We saw this with Linux, now we see it with XRP.

Bitcoin is Unix, XRP is Linux.

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it may be popular, but it's not helping. I don't think news matters at all anymore xrp was around 3.00 at the time of the moneygram announcement, and at 1.50 at the time of the western union announcement a month later.... more banks, more adoption, more progress, good news coming from every source including ellen degeneres..... and yet.... nothing.  I'm not bitching or complaining, I'm simply saying  that none of it matters. The market is manipulated, irrational, and makes no sense.  Xrp will rise, when every other coin rises.  Everyone gets so excited when it rises thinking its because of all the news, I've been fooled enough times now to know that every coin and its hodlers experience that same euphoria right around the same time, just look at the charts. Check the weeks of dec 20th 2017 to jan 20th 2018 what coin didn't do a 10x?  What coin hasn't tanked since then? News doesn't matter. development doesn't matter. They may in the future, whenever that might be... But for now, any coin will do. Throw money in and wait. Good things come to those who wait. Just don't wait too long cuz good things tend to slip away if you try to hodl them too tightly.

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One thing is news or conversations doesn't get me excited anymore, whats does excite me is the amount of XPR I have as an investment. Waiting for that moment is what excites me, when, how and who does it doesn't do it. Time is our only long term friend 

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4 hours ago, Mods_are_tyrants said:

It can be the most popular in the world still .57. I would rather hear it isn't popular and is .57.

Do you need a hug, or something?

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