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Hi Zerpers,

I'm a long time lurker of the forum and recently got hold of a Nano Ledger S device - figured it all out and works great. However in the event the company disappears and my nano goes kaput and i can't get hold of a new one, i wanted to ensure i have a fall back solution available. This led me to the Bip39 tool at the site https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ which further lead me to Ledgers implementation of the tool located below:


I'm not the most technically inclined when it comes to software but not a noob either, however the instructions in the site are very sparse for someone with a zero-weak background in software.

Can someone please help me get this tool up and running. I've got a dedicated laptop (offline) available to run the final tool, but do not understand how to create/compile it from the github page.

Some basic points I'm stuck on to begin with:

1. I have vista on my laptop - do i need windows 7 as a minimum?

2. do i install Node and GIT on to the laptop, or can i install them on my main internet PC to compile the tool?

3. The step 'Get your private key' - asks to download the BIP39 tool, but when i click the link i get a webpage with a tone of html.

If someone could provide a dummies guide I'm sure this would be a valuable sticky for others like me :)

Thanks in advance.


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