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Bring back Coin_Hound

Should we bring back Coin_Hound/LilHound  

65 members have voted

  1. 1. Should site mods unban Coin_Hound?

    • Coin_Hound was a valuable contributor to the forum and should be brought back.
    • I'm offended by 4 letter words and need a safe space away from Coin_Hound.

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2 minutes ago, BiffTannen said:

Coin_Hound was a valuable member of the forum and should be allowed back to the forum. A four letter word should not negate his contributions to the forum and XRP community. We're all adults here. He was not going overboard with the language and was not threatening anybody. 

Good work on the poll  - I was going to suggest doing this the other day! 

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Missed the drama. Aren't all 4 letter words starred out? I swear like a sailor on here....

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