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Ashton Kutcher and ripple donates 4 million on the elen show.


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2 hours ago, bachmanity said:

Here's a quote from Ashton Kutcher in 2011

 “I look for companies that solve problems in intelligent and friction-free ways and break boundaries,” he said in an interview this week.



Sound like a company we know?

Ashton Kutcher is actually a really interesting chap, he obviously made a bomb from hollywood, but just happens to be a smart investor in early tech and innovation. Oh, and he has 20m twitter followers.  I think having him on board is as big, maybe bigger than the Ellen publicity

This is a good video to watch to get the low down on him, recommend watching, enjoy :)


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So interesting how people see things.  I see 4 million to a wildlife fund yes (which is awesome). 

I also see the rumblings of a big push to communicate out the idea of instant cross border payments to a general populace in the United States (and online) who are lacking that information.  It's steps like these which lay the groundwork for people to start learning about, accepting, and then adopting these very new concepts.  Utilization, demand, and also retail investors in the XRP space come from a coordinated media push in any direction you can get it.  Two huge media stars talking about and interacting with the new tech is no drop in the bucket.  It's an incredible coup this early, and shows a REAL committment to getting the word out there-  as did the 29 million to the teachers fund.  As does trotting out people on CNBC the servant leaders of the financial industry, as does putting out videos on youtube, as does every last bit of communications....

Why poo poo progress?  This is a relatable thing which everyone I sent it to (who is not in XRP) got pretty excited about.  "Oh cool they replied.  Is that available? That is amazing!"

That's the beginning of educating the public. Let's get real.


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23 minutes ago, ThomTheRipplier said:

4 million bucks for publicity on a show broadcasted in multiple countries including China? ill take that kind of publicity anyday.



This.  So much this.  What people are forgetting is the kind of exposure some of these celebrities have in other parts of the world.

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13 minutes ago, Blockchained said:

If it’s about publicity we could get an ad in the Super Bowl for about the same price . 

this was amazing on so many levels, 
Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary... big time funders in Uber and AirBnb saying theyre working with Ripple ... AMAZING... we knew this, but the general public doesnt. 
Ashton Kutcher talking about how Chris Larsen and Brad want to be ethical and giving portion of the platform to likeminding people (xpring) .. Get the public to like Larson is important.

But having Ellen say,

"And now everyone knows how to, you can just, send money easily like that. What a great thing."

That sums up Ripples mission statement almost perfectly, just missing cross boarder in there ha. 
That is huge, and people over the world just watched. Huggggeeeeee

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16 minutes ago, Blockchained said:

If it’s about publicity we could get an ad in the Super Bowl for about the same price . 

2018 Super Bowl was watched by 103 M viewers. Just adding up the number of twitter followers (19M - Kutcher + 78M Degeneres = 97M) pretty much adds up to that. Not to mention, her TV viewers, the geographic area covered by the viewers, the celebrity endorsement, the fact they are not spending another $4M to make the commercial etc, etc.. It's just a no-brainier compared to Super Bowl ad.

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